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E&W Fashion Shaping is your partner in the clothing industry when it comes to giving lasting shape to your garments. The family-owned company with global operations develops, produces and sells individual components such as shoulder pads and interlinings as well as integrated system solutions for shaping and shape retention in modern, high-quality outerwear.
Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are one of the most important design elements for a good fit in fashion, especially for suit jackets, blazers and coats. They create a clear shoulder line and are essential for ensuring a proper fit. Every E&W shoulder pad is individually designed and truly “shapes” every collection for a perfect fit and exceptional comfort.

Sleeve head rolls

Sleeve head rolls

Sleeves are always a challenge in conventional outerwear, especially with certain outer fabrics or complex front and armhole designs. Supple yet sturdy inclusion of extra width in the sleeve is needed to ensure that the sleeve fits just right.



High-quality outer fabrics are characterized by their excellent textile properties and unique feel of the material. E&W interlinings are used to maintain these special properties while creating and keeping a durable shape and secure bond to various outer fabrics.


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We Provide The Best Textile Industry Since 2005

Making superior products with consistent quality takes knowledge, experience and technical expertise. E&W Fashion Shaping has established these three attributes to supply international fashion companies, model makers, clothing technicians and designers with high-quality accessories. Our company has many years of industry experience and offers all of the textile components that are essential for the shaping of clothing.

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We Production Best Textiles

Now let’s embark on new journeys together.
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We care about sustainability and the conservation of resources

We act with sustainability in mind throughout the world and always conserve resources. We do this because we believe responsibility towards society and the environment does not prevent growth.

Quality campaigns with high standards at all locations worldwide

We produce custom tailored products for our customers based on the same global production and raw material standards – no matter where they make their clothing.

We are a reliable partner thanks to independent inspections and audits

Our E&W compliance guidelines are as strict as our customers’. Independent inspectors assure this and perform detailed audits of our production sites on a regular basis. This makes us a reliable partner and guarantees a strong partnership at all levels.

Our mission: Always improve

Our goal is to not only meet the applicable minimum requirements, but to exceed these in a way that benefits our employees and the environment. This is also the foundation for our future success and helps us to be better than the competition.


All E&W Fashion Shaping products comply with Öko Tex Standard 100, which ensures that all the materials and dyes are tested for harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It provides a limit for each harmful substance and certifies compliance with these. Öko Tex Standard 100 is a globally recognized standard in the clothing industry.

Always in focus: The people at E&W Fashion Shaping

Our employees are our greatest asset. Working together, they are the basis for our future business success. We support everyone who works at E&W and provide a work environment that fosters growth – with respect, dignity and the understanding that we need each other to meet the challenges of a changing professional world.

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